The Smile of the Mezza Luna

Being a flat county, Norfolk has huge, expansive skies. In the daytime, they are expressive, with scudding clouds and ever-changing colours, whereas cloudless nights are full of stars or flood-lit by a full moon. My favourite moon is the one that looks like a smile, beaming down on me: the mezza luna.

tides tumble on sand
blossoming orchestration
fresh and lunar-led

Kim M. Russell, 27th February 2023

Image by Tristen Lee on Unsplash

It’s Monday and the return of the haibun with Frank at the dVerse Poets Pub, when we blend prose and haiku. Today we are showing love for a phase of the moon that’s often overlooked: Mezza Luna, the quarter phase or half-moon.

Frank has given us poems by Wordsworth and Browning, as well as a haibun by Janice of OnTheLand, to inspire us to write our own haibun that reference Mezza Luna, or half-moon.


38 thoughts on “The Smile of the Mezza Luna

    1. And last night I saw four planets! Apparently the aurora borealis is visible over East Anglia at the moment. I haven’t seen it here in over thirty years and hope to see it again.


    1. Thank you Colleen! I was hoping to catch the aurora borealis last night, but it was hard to see it from here. I have, however, seen photos of last night’s display online – fantastic!

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  1. There is a lovely and rugged beauty to massive expanses – especially open skies unfettered by sky-scrapers. I love your “scudding clouds” – it’s so great a phrase – and oh! nothing like a million stars in the ink pot night sky! Lovely Kim 🙂

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  2. What a beautiful and poetic way to show your love for the mezza luna! I love reading and writing about moon phases, and this poem is very well written. It’s great to see poets writing about all different aspects of moon culture, and I hope to see more poetry about the mezza luna in the future.

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