Spring Fever

Spring seems to have arrived with abandon, the air full of birdsong sparkling in the early April sun. I imagine the boisterous hisses, honking, hoots and whoops of geese, barn owls and swans, birds that mate for life, busy renewing their marriage vows.

I think of humans preoccupied with weddings in a season bursting with confetti-like blossoms: young men thinking of how to formulate the question, or couples composing their vows, and I remember when the seed of a poem lay dormant in my heart, waiting to blossom. It’s been a long time since we said our vows, but I can still write a love poem to my husband.

Kim M. Russell, 10th April 2023

Image by Trevor John Williams on Unsplash

It’s Prosery Monday at the dVerse Poets Pub, and Mish is our host, with drinks, snacks and a little inspiration to write a short piece of prose that incorporates a given line of poetry.

Mish tells us that, while delving into some poems and poets of more recent times, she came across a news article by The India Express about a woman named Valsa George, who discovered a passion for writing poetry later in life. She has chosen a line from Valsa George’s poem ‘Winged Words’ to include in our prosery:

“The seed of a poem lay dormant in my heart”.

Mish reminds us that prosery can be flash fiction, non-fiction or creative non-fiction. It usually reads like a story with a beginning, middle and ending. 144 words is the maximum length for this challenge, not including the title.

We must remember to use the line in its entirety and also give credit to the poet by noting the source. We may break up the line with punctuation or capitalization, add words to the beginning or end of it, but we cannot insert words within the given line.


31 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. These words made me smile when paired with the description that came before them: “birds that mate for life, busy renewing their marriage vows.” We did renew our vows for our 35th anniversary, with our two children and their spouses as our witnesses. That was before grandchildren arrived on the scene and we blinked our eyes and now we just celebrated our 53rd in February! 🙂

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  2. Oh my this poem is like a spring flower itself. I was lost in the lovely descriptions of the season and then it grew to budding romance and reflections of love. How sweet!

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  3. Hi Kim… Happy (______________) — fill in the blank with whatever you are celebrating this time of year. Nice writing my friend… 👍🏼🙂✌🏼🫶🏼

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