Kindness in the Time of Corona

In these days of pandemic, I no longer rely on friends or the kindness of strangers. I take my daily walk alone, plodded laps around the football pitch, no cheers or claps, while spectral goalposts lean towards each other longing for the raucous fuss and bother of a game. I stop to admire silver petals, […]


We have lovely next-door neighbours, who are elderly and have suffered ill health, but they are always there for us. Soon after we moved in seventeen years ago, they invited us to a birthday party. When we go away, they have a key in case of emergencies. If I arrive home and they happen to […]

One Man’s Kindness in No Man’s Land

Tattered faceless silhouettes Staggered across no-man’s land, Fumbling to attach bayonets, Unkind weapons in shaky hands. Wisps of men blundered in thick of gas Back to the comfort of a mud-filled trench, Eyeless heroes in useless masks Smothering in the toxic stench. One innocent soldier wandering wide, Heading for trenches on the other side, Felt […]