Disappearing Coast

toppling to the beach
stroke of sandy crumbling dunes
ragged with marram
kisses the concrete sea wall
and slides into churning waves

Kim M. Russell, 2015

Sea Palling coastline after the storm


11 thoughts on “Disappearing Coast

    1. Thank you! That’s one of the reasons I love the North Norfolk landscape. Everyone says Norfolk is flat but it has hidden undulations in the sea and the sky. Sadly, our coastline is eroding. I wrote a couple of poems about that which I posted back in October.

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      1. I agree. I had never been to Norfolk until two weeks ago. Now that I’ve been, I will tell people of its salt marshes and its birds, its sea waves and its seals. I noticed the erosion – I shall take a look at your poems.

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    1. I took that in February 1993 when we thought the storms of 1953 would be repeated. Everyone in our village was woken up in the early hours of a Sunday morning and we watched the sea breach a barrier and wash a police car down a ramp, taking several people with it. It was my first experience of a spring tide, having moved from London to Norfolk the previous year. The closest I had been to floods was the Thames overflowing in Twickenham!

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