I have been watching the new BBC1 series ‘Dickensian’, a gripping, atmospheric whodunit set in Victorian times and amalgamating the characters and stories of a range of Dickens’ works. The cast is superb, as are the costumes and settings. I particularly like the way Miss Havisham’s story has been treated, so I revisited the chapter in Great Expectations when Pip first meets her at Satis House: Mr Pumblechook explains that Satis is Greek for ‘enough’, which prompted me to write the following poem, with a passing glance at Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Havisham’, a poem I love.


She’d had enough

Of men and life

Of beauty and light

Ensconced in decay

She spent each day

Still in virgin white

Plotting her revenge

Desiccated and faded

The lustre yellowed and jaded

Withered like her dress and flowers

Clocks stopped on the fatal hour

One shoe on and one ready to throw

Skeleton in the ashes of her nuptials

Cake and all


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Miss Havisham

Image found on www.victorianweb.org


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