Planet Jigsaw

Here is a poem I submitted to a magazine a while ago for an issue that focuses on ecopoetics and the environment. The editor felt that it was not the right fit for the issue but hoped I will not feel deterred from submitting future work. Although I am somewhat disappointed, I am pleased to have received some feedback because I tried to write something to please someone else rather than myself – and it shows!


Our planet is blue

Overcast with sorrow

There may be no tomorrow

For this kaleidoscopic jigsaw

Of continents that see-saws

Through space

Pulled apart

By the human race

Who puzzle

At how to put

Our Humpty Dumpty planet

Together again


© Kim M. Russell, 2015

Jigsaw Planet

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4 thoughts on “Planet Jigsaw

    1. No, he didn’t, Somali. I guess I’ll have to look out for the publication to see what they were looking for. I have another sixteen responses to submissions to wait for and hope that something positive comes from one of them.


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