On Ageing

Another response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar – Octain Refrain 


Invaded by an alien

blue veins are pulsing marbled mud

breasts desiccated, juiceless buds


skin has become reptilian

amber hair is now dusty grey

can’t sleep at night and doze all day


heart that once soared now only thuds

I have become an alien


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

On Ageing 2

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21 thoughts on “On Ageing

  1. Great poem and apt sentiment. This is a lovely poem- but the rhyme scheme is confusing here. The middle tercet is not acc but rather aca with the two c’s repeating in the same line. I had a little trouble with that part too when I wrote my first one. I think this is a great “first” octain. They’re a lot of fun and force you to reach beyond your first idea; so, write some more as you write so very well!

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