I Put my Poem in a Bottle

My response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #31: Message in a bottle

 Message in a bottle

I put my poem in a bottle,

Entrusted it to silver-tipped waves,

But it meandered back to shore, all mottled

With sand, ejected from its deep sea grave,

Unless, of course, it bobbed above,

Tossed from spray to foam.

It was cherished by mermaids, that poem of love,

And it was mermaids that sent it home.

I cleaned the bottle with sea water and weed,

Climbed to the highest clifftop,

Took the glass coffin with my poem inside,

And, with a prayer, I let it drop.

But the placid poem returned again,

It would not let me forget,

The ethereal charms of mermaids and mermen,

Whose singing I can hear yet.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


12 thoughts on “I Put my Poem in a Bottle

    1. Thanks, De. I’m just chilling here, listening to Kings X and catching up on posts on my Kindle. I hope to find some time to write tomorrow but it’s going to be a busy day of last minute shopping for my daughter’s wedding. Just read your rude poem 😁


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