Sonnet on the Marriage of my Only Daughter

In the coldness of a November night,

When the full moon shone with silvery light,

I gave birth to a fairy foundling girl

Of violet eyes and finely-spun gold curls.

A sea nymph building castles on the shore,

A petulant teen trouncing out the door,

Tugged at my heart on her first day at school,

Unravelled my soul on a spinning spool,

Put tears in my eyes when she left our home,

Eager to have adventures of her own.

Now someone else loves her as much as I,

Who wants to keep her safe and make her smile.

I can still see her giggling on a swing;

He only gets a glimpse of my changeling.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

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10 thoughts on “Sonnet on the Marriage of my Only Daughter

    1. Thank you Jacqui 🙂 I wish I could replay it to you, it was such a wonderful ceremony in a wheat field. I had spent all morning and most of the afternoon with Ellen, her maid of honour and one of her friends, helping them to prepare and fetching things while she was having her make-up and hair done. When the time came, everyone else had walked down a dirt track, past horses and fabulous Tuscan scenery, to the place where the ceremony was taking place and I was the last one, so I took some photos on the way and arrived to the strains of ‘Songbird’ by Fleetwood Mac! We all sat on wheat bales and the bride and groom sat in front of an arch that was decorated with flowers!

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    1. Than k you for your kind wishes. The wedding was beautiful. I was overcome with emotion and my husband was so proud when he walked her to the wheat field where the ceremony was held.

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      1. Weddings make me happy, but when they involve loved ones, they’re even more special. My husband and I both walked both are daughters down “the aisle” when they married–I managed not to cry. 🙂

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