Demented Forest

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #116

She felt herself shrinking

In a forest of demented trees

Monochrome like barcodes

From a neurodegenerative disease.

She felt a rage erupting

That mutated into delusion,

Dived deep into strange faces,

Emerging in confusion.

She couldn’t remember the way

Along paths she’d often trod

But familiar walks were haunted

By monsters, mice and gods.

With trembling hands and shuffling feet,

She was not in her perfect mind,

Queen Lear embraced each shadowy tree,

Until body, bark and branches intertwined.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Demented Forest

ScarletteDeath on DeviantArt



11 thoughts on “Demented Forest

  1. I have to admit reference to Lear and demented do run together but I did have to go and look up Queen Lear and found a reference to a production of Lear where Lear is female, just as mad as the male version.

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  2. I loved the poem, I love the heaviness of words, woven through the ease of rhyme (at least it felt like that to me!). Striking imagery and haunting sceneries, I like the personification, the mingling of cores of nature with what is inside us humans.

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