Ooame Orchestra

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: 50 Shades of Rain

Toni has asked us to write a tight one paragraph haibun, non-fiction, about rain and us, followed by a haiku about nature that ties our words together. Rain: how we experienced it, the emotions it brought out, the inconvenience it was, the beauty of it. We should choose one of the Japanese words for rain for our focus and use it as our haibun title.

Rain in Sepia

I surface from the depths of sleep to the sound of a waterfall that seems to be rushing down the roof, gushing in the gutters and bouncing off the ground below like tiny ping-pong balls. It’s early morning and the room is covered with a pigeon-coloured patina. Unusually, there is no birdsong; no wood pigeons grumble on the telephone wire. I lie in the half-light and listen to the symphony of rainfall and its nuances: the drumbeat of big drops pounding on the coal bunker; the pizzicato drips in the water butt; the steady drone of the strings and the wind sections piping in the leaves. It’s hypnotic and comforting – I am inside, under the duvet, dry and warm, while the world is being rinsed for a new day.

Persistent rain
lavishes leaves with a sheen
of turbulent green.

© Kim M. Russell, 2016


37 thoughts on “Ooame Orchestra

  1. This is wonderful! You’ve used the musical terms so very well here….especially love the pizzicato — that’s exactly what it’s like sometimes! 🙂 And the haiku is the coda! 🙂

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  2. Oh the grumbling of the wood pigeons….Just adores this. All the sounds you identify in the rain but most of all, being dry and warm under your duvet. Being inside snug and safe while outside it rains. Love it.

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  3. Rainfall as a symphony — the drumbeats, the pizzicato, the piping — had me tapping as if I could hear it outside my window, even though here the hot sun bakes the dry ground below. A stunning piece – thanks for sharing.

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  4. Comfort Rain..
    soothing poetic
    words of sAMe..
    Balance inside on overcast
    days.. rhythm of rain
    beats.. acCompanies
    SonG oF WorDs..
    Rain day
    SinGS a
    Newer SonG..
    Sunny anD aLive..
    liKe neVer bEfore
    iN dArk DreAMs
    iN no
    Longer Last..

    PoeTry RinGs
    RaiN FReED..:)

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