Night Skies in Summer

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics: Summer Starter

Walter is the host at this week’s edition of Tuesday Poetics! He has asked us to celebrate the first full (official) day of the Summer of 2016 by taking inspiration from a summer moment as seen through the eyes of another poet, something that sparks our mojos or piques our own interest. I have chosen ‘Summer Stars’ by Carl Sandburg.


So near you are,

Sky of summer stars,

I can almost pluck

Your silver sharpness,

So many shards of ice

To cool the aching heat.

So near you are,

River of summer stars

Swimming at my feet,

I long to dive in

And join your sparkling

Tickles on the tepid surface,

To cool the stifling sultriness.

So near you are,

Summer stars,

Twinkles in a lover’s eye,

Stolen from a shimmering sky.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


Van Gogh’s Starry Night over the Rhone found on


24 thoughts on “Night Skies in Summer

  1. I love how you write of the stars in this – so near you feel you can touch them. The repetition works so well in this. Would they were ice I could grab and rub myself with to cool down. Love it. I am a sucker for stars.

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  2. Have always loved Van Gogh’s Starry Night! And the idea of the summer stars offering a coolness — if we could but pluck them from the sky and hold them like an ice cube to our sweating brow. This is a beautiful write! 🙂

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