Grandfather’s Roses

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille #12

This Monday Bjorn invited us to write on the theme of ‘roses’ in 44 words and started by treating us to a famous poem by Robert Burns and a not so well known picture of ‘Roses and Beetle’ by Vincent Van Gogh. I enjoyed both and decided to take the picture as my inspiration.

Rises and Beetle

Roses and Beetle by Vincent van Gogh


I awoke

To a rosy glow

Stealing through the blind.

The last thing on my mind

Was you.

But I had to go

Beyond the willow

To the morning blush

Of the rose bush,

Where a beetle

In the petals

Reminded me of you.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


20 thoughts on “Grandfather’s Roses

    1. Thank you, Bjorn. When I was a child I spent most of the summer with my grandfather in his garden. He loved roses and I was fascinated with insects. he used to find me the best ladybirds, butterflies and beetles to look at.


    1. It has a touch of ambiguity. Granddad indulged me in my interest in insects and is, sadly, long dead. He had dementia, just like my mum, and his life ended rather badly. But he was an inspiration to me when I was growing up.

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