This is the first poem I have written following an exercise from The Poetry School in moving from the abstract to the concrete. See if you can work out which abstract noun it is about! I’m linking it to Imaginary Garden with Real Taods’ Tuesday Platform.

 We follow her instructions,

The disembodied female voice

Of satellite navigation,

Whose tiny brain is crammed full

Of detailed maps and directions.

We, with our large brains,

Hanging on her every word

And sometimes arguing with her,

Are quite absurd.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

15 thoughts on “Satnav

    1. It was an exercise in avoiding abstract nouns in poetry: collect 10 objects from around the house, write them on pieces of paper and put them in one box or bag, Then write 10 abstract nouns on pieces of paper and put them in another box or bag. Take one piece of paper from each and write about the abstract noun (a feeling, emotion, etc.) without using the word, only by describing the object. Can you work out what the abstract noun was in this one?

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    1. They were probably far too busy arguing with their own disembodied voices to notice, Magaly! We gave our first one a name, but I don’t like the latest one much – she’s very bossy!


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