The Scent of an Autumn Embrace

On a walk in the woods, the autumn consumes us,

Enveloped in the essence of damp leaves and humus

Intermingling with spice from the depths of your overcoat,

The scent of your body and your freshly washed clothes.

The seaweed and sand smell of salty mist from the coast

Leaves a chill on our skin and permeates our embrace.

We follow an acorn trail to the edge of the forest,

A fallen leaf in my hair and a smile on my face.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

The Secnt of an Autumn Embrace

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting The Bar – The Reason For Rhyme

Walter, our host tonight, has given us a crash course in rhyming techniques and has suggested using some of them while continuing on the theme of the arrival of autumn and exploration of the senses (The Sound of Love)using the scents or flavours of the season.

33 thoughts on “The Scent of an Autumn Embrace

  1. Very much like how you have incorporated so many sensory details in this.I’m currently reading a mystery by Elizabeth George, an American Anglophile who sets all her work in Great Britain, and this so closely describes the scents she brings to the murder of a coed at Cambridge in autumn.

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      1. She writes a series with the protagonist an Earl who is an Inspector with New Scotland Yard and a frumpy lower class female partner. Very fun. Puts me in mind of P.D. James. I’m addicted because her writing is described as “literary.”

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