Flying Her Heart

She followed in the wake of her lover’s distant boat,

Flying her heart like a kite above waves.

She was trying in vain to keep her life afloat,

But her heart scraped clouds and was soaked by rain.

She was tied by a rope,

Her love firmly anchored to a sailor who left her

To go on adventures so far away.

Sitting by the dock, she never gave up hope,

Scanning the horizon by night and by day,

While scavenging seagulls echoed her tears,

Feathered her loneliness and fed on her fears.


One day the wind turned,

The rope slacked,

Her heart sank,

She waited each day for her lover’s return.

She hauled in the rope soaked with sea water;

It made her heart heavy and made her hands burn.

Now she sits in the harbour,

Her wedding dress floating,

Weary of waiting,

Resigned to a lonely life

Without her lover,

Still tied to a rope,

Flying her heart like a kite.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Flying her Heart

Image found on

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #129


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