There’s a warmth

Across my back

That sinks into my heart:

A tiny, stripy witch’s cat

Between my spine

And the cushion where I’m sat,

Vibrating like a juju stick,

Keeping my gripes at bay,

Lightening up

A sad old tabby day.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Mojo 3 (2)

My response to imaginary garden with real toads Sunday Mini-Challenge: Charms

For this mini-challenge we are writing short poems (10 lines or less) binding up a spell or charm for something that plagues some aspect of daily life, invoking a depth or shade or deity of heart and casting it over an ailing. The Eye could be a new unaccountable ache, or something chronic and cresting or just getting old. Maybe it’s the shadows lengthening behind a beloved pet. Maybe it’s for the lingering sorrow for those lost in Chicago’s incessant South Side gunfire, or the children of Aleppo, or the ghosts of those still walking where the World Trade Center towers fell 15 years ago today. The charm is what we weave around that chill shadow from whatever strands of poetry we have learnt — whatever inner well of inspiration we carry in our words. 


22 thoughts on “Mojo

  1. Awww I love that the kitty gets a charmed poem. I have my own new juju sticks — shelter rescues — and their purrs are magic against darkened moods. Isn’t it always true that they want your cushion, and not any other in the house? Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Nice, luv the wit, the cadence and the beautiful photo, I always am in admiration of pet owners. I used to have dogs growing up at my parents house. In my adult life I shifted to no pets, just children and plants.

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    1. Thanks, Gillena! I couldn’t be without my cats for company. They are so different. Luna is independent: she disappears for days on end and then comes back as if she hadn’t been away. Mojo follows me around, sits on me in the most awkward positions and purrs like a well-tuned engine!


    1. She is a wonderful kitten – three months old and bright as a button. She sits on my shoulder, the back of the chair and, mostly, the cushion behind my back while I write. She’s my writing charm too!


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