Free as Light

Living between the North Norfolk coast and the Broads, and having moorings at the bottom of our garden, I am drawn to water. Not that I swim or even paddle, but I like to sit and watch the free light shows: sequins sparkling on water, underwater shadows, light refractions and sky reflections. Now that winter is finally over and I have seen the first proclamations of spring in the earlier sunrise and lengthening of the day, I can’t wait to break out of my four walls and become free as light.

fresh life is hatching
breaking light through cracks in gloom
leaving vernal womb

Kim M. Russell, 2017


My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday – The Best Things in Life are Free

This week Toni is our host and she has asked us a question:

What are things that are free?  Sitting by the fire drinking something good by oneself or with someone else, human or animal, reading, writing a kick butt poem, walking in the snow, God’s grace, a hug from someone we care about, a good meal (yeah you have to pay for them sometimes but you don’t always pay for the pleasure of eating, just purchase food), walking along the beach at sunrise/sunset, the birth of a child, and so on.

All we have to do is write about what we think are the best in life that are free. It must be non-fiction, in one or two tight paragraphs and a haiku relating to a season with a cutting word and 5-7-5 or short long short.


38 thoughts on “Free as Light

    1. Thank you, Björn! I’ve just been marvelling at the growing morning light. When I first looked out of my study window, it was still very dark with a glimmer and half an hour later, it’s day!


    1. I thought it was more than unfurling this morning, Jane – it seemed to be waving in the breeze like a giant flag – and then this afternoon it disappeared behind dark clouds. 😦


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