Heated squeaks pierce the twilight –
bats again, with their different calls
echoing off trees and walls.
After the long silence of hibernation,
they have found voices to argue, I imagine,
about personal space and food.
Who wouldn’t, after hanging so close together
for the duration of a cold winter?

Kim M. Russell, 2017


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42 thoughts on “Babel

      1. No! But like rats, they must giggle when tiny microphones are in ‘hearing’ distance. Rats like to have their tummies tickled. This has changed my attitude towards rats forever.

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  1. Bats totally freak me out–rats with wings–but your poem metaphorically is sweet & rife with meaning; nice job. In my poem, Cheewa’s name means black bear.

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    1. Bats are fascinating and there are so many studies of them. People say they are rodents but they aren’t. There was a famous animal expert called Johnny Morris who had a nature programme on British TV in which he put voices to animals. I can just imagine him voicing a bat argument – that’s a bit Monty Python, now I think about it!


  2. We spent many a night at my son’s back-yard campfire watching the bats do a fly-by on their evening foray … until we learned they were coming from his attic! Amazing how many of those little critters can crowd into a small space. I loved your poem. I’m sure they gossip and argue!

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    1. Bats are protected in the UK, so if you find them anywhere in your home you have to phone the Bat Helpline! I think they mostly roost in churches and barns.


    1. Bats are protected in the UK, thank goodness! I get really excited whenever I spot one and there are plenty around here. They seem to be coming out of hibernation early this year, so I’ll probably see more once the clocks go forward this Sunday!


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