Day 28 Spring Haiku

spring cleaning
broken cobwebs steeped in dust
last year’s memories

grey feathers
scattered among spring daisies
young swans gather

April showers
confetti blossoms puddle
spring promises

Kim M. Russell, 28th April 2017

Spring Haiku

Image found on Pinterest

On Day 28 of The Poetry School’s NaPoWriMo prompts, we are writing haiku.

Ali doesn’t want us to bother with counting syllables. The most important thing is the juxtaposition of two ideas or images, separated by a ‘cutting word’ (“kireji”). He says we may also wish to include a seasonal reference (“kigo”), to write in three short lines, and to focus on nature, but none of these are as important as the contrast between two ideas. He has given two examples and The Haiku Foundation has an excellent guide on writing Haiku in English, which dispels many myths. However we go about this, we should try to avoid any unnecessary words or repetition. Instead of “It was a hot summer’s day” he would like us to try “A summer day” or better just “Summer”.


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