Impressions of Tuscany

As vivid as an artist’s impression
of patchwork fields, a vision
of green and amber slopes rises,
crowned with dark trees, holds
farms and villages in its folds,
a mother’s apron stained with hues
of tomato and grape, perfumed
with olive, rosemary and basil.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


Tuscan Village by Santo De Vita found on

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday’s Mix – Homeric Simile

Teresa welcomes us to another addition of Saturday’s Mix, which focuses on the Homeric or epic simile.  We  know that a simile is a comparison using like or as, for example:  Her eyes sparkled like diamonds.

Homer, however, in his epic tale The Odyssey used numerous similes that were much longer.  They went into great depth to compare to complex ideas or relationships.  The example above can be turned into an epic simile:  Just as diamonds, cut to a fine point with many facets to gather the sunlight dancing from the sky, dazzle and enchant the beholder, so sparkled her eyes, mesmerizing the young man gazing upon her countenance.

Our task today is to write using the Homeric or epic simile.  It can be within a prose story or a poetry piece. I’m afraid I could only manage a quick first draft as I have to go out this morning.


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