Falling Angel

“He’s an angel, not a saint.” – Michael

He didn’t ask to be her guardian angel,
he didn’t want to fall to earth,
he didn’t know it would be so painful
to hide his wings and surrender his heart.
He pays attention to her every word,
tries to stop his feathers rustling like a bird,
he wasn’t ready to live like this.
He follows her all over town,
can’t bear to see her feeling down,
constantly longing for a kiss.
He’s no saint and he’s no sinner,
he’s an angel falling from grace,
an absolute beginner
when it comes to the human race.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Falling Angel

Image found on Pinterest

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads – Of Gods and Monsters

For today’s prompt Rommy has gathered seven pop culture quotes that have to do with angels, monsters or both. Our mission is to pick one and create a poem based on it. Our poems do not have to specifically be about an angel or a monster, but they should have some relation to at least one of these quotes. We must be sure to mention the quote somewhere in our posts.

My poem has gone in an unusually romantic direction!

33 thoughts on “Falling Angel

  1. an absolute beginner
    when it comes to the human race..
    The perspective you provide here is so cleverly done, I love the touches of rhyme too, but mostly the way you have shown us the trepidation of the protagonist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Kerry! I’m so happy to see you back in the Imaginary Garden and commenting. I wonder if an angel could survive a relationship with a human – we find each other hard enough to read and understand 😯


  2. I enjoyed this bittersweet perspective on guardian angels. There’s something funny yet touching about an ancient creature completely at a loss because of their newly discovered emotions.

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  3. I wonder if every child is a fallen angel, growing up to whatever — thing — human nature is. Is this angel such an innocent, or does divinity step sideways into humanity, trip on a banana peel to become us, discovers sex and is human hair, nose and eyeball down to the bottom of the pearly mountain. Who knows, but I’m with him in your eyes.


  4. Love this, Kim. It sounds like me when I went off to college. I had several crushes but they weren’t real because I was too timid to ask or make an acquaintance. After dropping out things changed. I liked the prompt’s idea but it was hard to just write about a person with intent to describe a place. You did well but I could tell it wasn’t easy for you. I’d like to try again, I tried to describe a cornfield where pleasant and still interesting things could happen. I muffed it. But I was fairly well pleased with what I wrote for the little time I had to use.

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