Departure #1

autumn comes in fast
temperatures shift, currents change
summer birds depart
sunny mornings vaporise
into mist and cloudy skies

Kim M. Russell, 2017


My response to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Autumn Retreat 2017 ‘departure’

Every season, Chèvrefeuille tries to organize a ‘retreat’; the one for this autumn starts on 15th July and ends on 15th August. He says he has called it ‘departure’ because he associates autumn with departing, ‘letting go’ or releasing, at a time when nature is saying goodbye to summer with a display of  beautiful colours before going into hibernation. The goal is to post a haiku or tanka every day for 30 days on the theme of ‘departure’.


15 thoughts on “Departure #1

      1. Ah, mountains.! We don’t have any of them in the flat countryside of Norfolk in England. We’re lucky to find a little hill here! Our local villages seem to have their own weather systems, even without mountains!


  1. I love this tanka, telling me a bit how autumn is in your part of the world. It is usually a very slow process here and one of my favourite seasons because of the rich colours…Well, after November 15th to Dec 22nd, I care less and less for it. We used to have snow the last month of autumn but that is changing and it is dark and gloomy. Death is felt through our bones.

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    1. Our garden is full of autumn chill and mellow sun. Apples have fallen from the tree and there’s a squirrel in the willow tree. Autumn has to be my favourite season. I agree about the tail end of it though, as it gradually darkens into winter.


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