Baring your Soul

Sand is resistant to your feet
and teases tight muscles in your thighs.

You brave the boisterous breeze
buffeting distinctive scents of salt and life.

Through a pall of blue spray
the sun burns bronze,
then vanishes altogether;
you close your eyes on the drab despair of weather.

Screaming gulls spill into the sea
and wind whistles,
reminders of the unpredictability
of time and space.

You stand firm as a lighthouse and embrace
the rippling in your clothes and hair.

You throw out your arms,
launch into the air,
sweep over fields and dunes,
singing soulful unearthly tunes,
baring your soul to earth and sky
in one liquid, sobbing cry.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Baring Yuor Soul

For dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night

I’ve had such a busy day today, I didn’t have time to write a new poem so I’ve revisited and re-written a poem I submitted to Visual Verse last year.

At the beginning of each month, Visual Verse provides an image to inspire poets and prose writers, who then have an hour to write between 50 and 500 words. All of the work I have submitted has been unedited, so today I attempted to improve one of those poems by changing the perspective, shape, some line breaks and punctuation, as well as some of the vocabulary.

29 thoughts on “Baring your Soul

      1. There is that. I chop wood. And I have started roller skating for my walks and singing Jim Hendrix lyrics at the top of the my lungs while doing it. Old school skates I got for Christmas when I was 10.

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  1. Such gorgeous imagery in this, Kim!❤️ Especially love; “Through a pall of blue spray the sun burns bronze,
    then vanishes altogether; you close your eyes on the drab despair of weather.”❤️

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  2. One of those Sound of Music moments – a great way to relieve tension. If I wasn’t so old and creaky, I would do it more often, the dunes being two bus rides away.
    Anna :o]

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  3. It reminded me of my Emily- she has Cerebral Palsy and I think it was the tight muscles and standing as firm as a lighthouse. We spent hours trying to give her thoughts and vocab to be “floppy”. Perhaps she is a secret seagull…I know the seaside and the walking is great for her…XXXX

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