Time has drawn
a relief map,
traced contours,
filled this skin with flaws
and points of reference:
dimples, moles and scars,
a geography of life,
and with it the relief
of night-sky freedom
and earthy wisdom.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Image result for rodin old woman Pinterest
The Old Courtesan ~ Auguste Rodin – image found on Pinterest

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Poetry about the Body and linked to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night.

Sumana has given us not only a couple of quotes but also poems to think abot this Wednesday. She asks us how we view our body images – with the eye of the media / advertisement / anyone apart from our own selves or as our own bodies. She says that the artists of both the ancient and the modern world paid homage to the human body in their art and sculpture, and modern writers in their words. Sumana asks us to sing about this human body in a new poem.


70 thoughts on “Relief

  1. This is beautiful!❤️ We each experience our share of joys and woes in this world that reflect upon our body and soul. Especially love; “the relief of night-sky freedom and earthy wisdom.”❤️

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  2. Rather that see what has happened to our changing skin, hair, posture and blemishes as failures they should be regarded as achievements in running the race, doing what we could, and still getting to the end and able to talk about the life we had.

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    1. When David and I last visited Paris we spent almost a day at the Rodin museum. I love his work. That statue expresses what a lot of older women feel. Is it the same for men?


  3. Your poem is fraught with truth & wisdom, and it seems very personal, reminding me that with aging comes sagging, scarring, & pain, yet in the mirror we still find our own youth in the eyes.

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