Kissing in the Rain

We inhale scent of roadside pines
infused in each raindrop
that silver-spatters needles
and, snail-like, trickles
down their sodden spines.

A tidal sussuration,
the forest weeps with kisame;
we taste rain on our lips:
teardrops kissing raindrops,
kissing you kissing me.

Kim M. Russell, 7th June 2018

Image result for rain dripping from pine trees
Water Drops On Pine Tree Needles. Stock image found on Shutterstock

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Toni’s Challenge: Fifty Shades of Rain

Toni says that we all have rain in common and she has shared some of the things that well-know poets have written about rain.

She also tells us that the Japanese have 50+ words for rain, which are seasonal, specific, and at times, extremely artistic, and created a poetic form that addresses the changing of the seasons, the nature, and the now – the haiku.  The melancholy felt when the seasons changed and the climate changes took place are part of their concept of mono no aware (mo-no no awah-ray) and mujo (transition or change).

Which is why she has not only shared some of their words for rain but she would also like us to write poems about rain in our own choice of form. Mine inadvertently turned into a romantic poem, not my usual genre.

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