Bicycle Music

It’s the geometric symphony
of angles and circles,
a breath of speed and freedom
through seasons and cycles:
a shiny metal frame,
the acrid rubber smell
of tyres and pedals,
whistle of wind,
zip of wheel on road
and the jingle of the bell.

Kim M. Russell, 18th June 2018

I have a large framed print of this photograph on my study wall: Hermann Landshoff. ‘The Bicyclers’ Published in ‘Junior Bazaar’ August 1946 Image found on

I’m looking after the dVerse Poets Pub today for the Quadrille,  when we take any meaning of one word and transform it into 44 poetic words.  The word I’ve chosen is ‘cycle’. Come and join us at the virtual bar; we’re always glad to see you and you can bring your bicycle with you!


66 thoughts on “Bicycle Music

      1. I actually use my mouth saying “On your left” or “On your right”. But some do use bells to alert me when I’m walking that they are coming up from behind. Horns would be nice.

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  1. Your poem does give me a sense of being there with you; “the acrid rubber smell of tyres and pedals,
    whistle of wind, zip of wheel on road and the jingle of the bell.” It goes well with the picture

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  2. Cycles Are Scary when
    Perfect for they mean
    aS oNly
    WiLL Be when
    Programmed with
    No FaiL.. aH.. A Beauty Organic
    oF Change ImPerfect DreAMS
    CycLeD DiFFeReNT NoW to Be
    iNstead oF
    NoT to:
    be for
    From: if origin
    oF ANti Matter
    And Matter were are is am thenow
    Perfectly BaLaNCinG ToGeTHeR
    CaNCeLinG oUT aLL Forever No thing..
    No Cycles aT aLL WiLL CoME AnD Go NoW..:)

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    1. Have you every read The Third Policeman by Flann O’brien, a comic story in which a theory was put forward that the longer a person rides a bike, the more bicycle they become due to the jiggling of atoms?!

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      1. Hi Kim.. thanks for turning me onto the Post
        Modern Analogy and somewhat critique
        on Irish Culture from the eyes of
        the Author of the “Third
        Policeman” and
        i live in a place
        LA Lower Alabama also
        known as the Panhandle
        State of Flowers Florida
        where the Most Beautiful
        Beaches are roamed by Half
        Naked Very Healthy and Beautiful
        Humans just 20 Miles Due South where i live
        And 80 Percent of the Folks Here Voted for Trump
        And Still Support HiS Way of Doing Politics i Find ‘it’ increasingly
        hard to believe that these folks still see an all Loving God Who Creates
        Hell to torture 80 Percent or more of that God’s Creation forever when
        NoW is forever NoW
        And it’s more
        that the Devil
        and Hell and Angels
        and Heaven are more than
        capable of existing all on tHeir
        own as co-creations of reality now..
        As far as Self-Actualization goes in Hell
        One Just Dances and Shut the Trumps out..
        Oh and Don’t forget the Song in Writing one’s
        Own Narrative Straight out of Hell and the Trump Territory too..
        It’s not that ‘they’ have low standard IQ the problem most definitely
        is A Matthew Chapter 5 Verses 3 through 11 Deficit of the Emotional
        Intelligence NoW of SpiRiT oF heART And MiNd and BoDy BaLaNCinG
        SoUL that is As iSReal as Naked Folks Dancing Together on the Beach..
        i’d ‘run’ for
        ‘office’ but
        a Real Jesus
        (Knees Okay for dance)
        as far as Love incarnate
        goes wouldn’t even be noticed.. hehe..
        And that’s my Current Literary Project
        Dancing a ‘Praise Dance’ 10K Miles in the
        Back to the Future Version WHere Biff is President
        as i don’t do Skate Boarding and Writing a 6 Million
        Word Longest Bible and Long Form Poem in the length
        of 58 Months too as i reached age 58 on my Birthday from
        A Magnificent Day of SiXeS on 6.6.60.. anyWay it wouldn’t
        Matter even if i was Jesus.. heHe.. for ‘they’ would call me
        the Devil just for my Birthdate with all those 6 LooKinG GoLDeN
        Spiral PHI Numbers on my Driver’s License Side by Side but as far
        as Third Policemen go.. i do tend to like the Good Cop Version of the
        5 Foot 1 or so 106 LB or so Brown Shortly Cropped Hair Real version of
        whoEver thE Anonymous Authors and Innumerable Copy Scribes Created
        Through the Centuries Changing the Text by Mistake and on Purpose too..
        Created as a Dude with an alias of Jesus originally likely named something
        close to Yeshua portrayed as just another Homeless Carpenter Dude Looking
        for the Kindness of Strangers with empty pockets with the only thing to Give/Share
        as Loving others without Harm.. YeaH a ReaL Auto-Biography of a Dude like that would
        NoW Be
        in 4 BC
        or so he
        was Illiterate
        Aramaic and
        there was no
        Mass Communication
        And by the way i played
        the Song ‘Jesus Christ Super
        Star’ in Middle School and all
        the Kids laughed at me when
        i finished for my Autism made
        (not available for diagnosis then)
        it kinda hard to walk straight
        iN mY TaLeNT SHoW then
        with all that Emotional
        Spirit and Stuff
        that the
        my Fingers too
        as the Southern
        Baptist Christian
        Boys also called
        me Queer and
        the F Word and
        not Fred for
        Smiling too
        much for
        Jesus F in Christ
        mY Mother Helen was
        A Whole lot like Mary
        in the Love she
        born and bred
        as me..
        problem is an
        Rover in Real TiMe…
        ‘he’ WiLL be too big
        to see other wise
        ‘they’ WiLL kill ‘him’ too..
        Hehe.. Clever is what the Fox says..
        in Back to this Future at Least for Now..
        anyway.. Thanks Kim for ALLoWinG me to SPread
        A FReader’s DiGesT ConDenSeD VeRSioN HeaR NoW..
        It’s Pretty Simple Make God THE Naked Beach (LoVE) And Be THE Naked Beach (LoVE)
        THaT2 iS WhY i’LL NeVeR NeeD To MaKE MoNeY AGaiNoW FoR i’M A RiCHLoVEBEaCH..;)

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