like fresh linen
breezes into morning,
pours its luminescence
through lacy blinds
and splashes sparkles
on a sleep-creased face.
It’s a dawn blessing,
a tea and toast embrace,
and a kiss goodbye
to night.

Kim M. Russell, 7th July 2018

Morning, Clarence White (1906)

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Camera FLASH! also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

52 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Isn’t curious how the bathroom is where you adjust for the day ahead and relax after the day’s end. No wonder we can (or she can) reflect that feeling of all of us in the bathroom.

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  2. Love the romance in this. The idea of welcoming the day while kissing the night away… So gentle and natural. As it should be. I can almost see the smile of the speaker, going from sleepy to brightly awake.

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      1. I didn’t see this as a retirement poem but I see what you mean. I’ve started another one already, so I could look at them side by side and then make a decision. I have over a week to do it. Thank you, Magaly! 🌹

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  3. As a non-morning person, I can appreciate your greeting of coming mourn. But, for myself the coolness of night, is the time of day that I prefer.

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  4. Oh this is absolutely breathtaking Kim! 💜 I love the idea of kissing the night goodbye while embracing the opportunity of starting fresh on a new day 😊

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  5. I often feel the embrace of light (Hello!) simultaneously with the Goodbye! of night. Sometimes they “cross fade” because they like to linger together. Lovely!

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  6. Yes…this was really lovely. You used the tone and light of the picture perfectly and made a beautiful poem that is a great way to start off the week.

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