Dragon Hunting

Down by the green and weed-choked lake,
among pungent soil and undergrowth,
rotting wood, irises and lilies,
is the breathtaking kingdom of dragonflies
with their large, iridescent eyes
and delicate, dazzling, vivid wings,
It must be the sunniest part of the day:
they need the sun for energy
to zip and dart in jerky flight,
guards patrolling their territory,
the lake or pond, the flowering meadow –
be careful not to cast a shadow!

Kim M. Russell, 10th July 2018

A poem for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform: Poeming

Pat has shared ‘A Sort Of A Song’ by William Carlos Williams and offers us the chance to showcase ONE unprompted poem of our choice. I spent some time on Sunday trying to take photographs of dragon and damselflies. In the brilliant sunshine, there were hundreds of them but they were so active I managed to get only one clear shot – and you can hardly see the dragonfly!


34 thoughts on “Dragon Hunting

  1. zip, zing, swoop, dip and they are lightning fast! but oh, so beautiful, their wings catching light, catching flight, radiance in motion –

    I LOVE dragon/damselflies – I can watch them for hours …. so even if hard to photography, especially when they are flirting/flitting about, your poem speaks to their creature comfort zones, their inherent beauty – and the winged majesty of delight they offer!

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  2. Magical, both the picture painted and the words themselves. I don’t see too many dragon flies where I live, in the winter time sometimes, but it is too hot in the summer I think. Great work!!!

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  3. I too love dragonflies and have often dreamed of rding one, flitting about in the sunlight, skimming above the water. You have captured them beautifully Kim. And I spotted the dragonfly right off the bad in one of the photos.

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  4. kaykuala

    they need the sun for energy
    to zip and dart in jerky flight,

    You captured truly the ‘jerky flights’ of these creatures. They can stay airborne but stationery and suddenly dart out! Very accurate Kim!


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