I remember in 1986
a free concert on Clapham Common
when Sade sang.

Later, we raised our voices
in a chorus
to ‘Free Nelson Mandela’.

Not long after, he took
that long walk to freedom,
with dignity and humility,

shared his wisdom
and showed how one man
can unite many.

He lived a long life,
a strong life
and we miss his patient smile

long after he was freed
from the constraints of this earth.

Kim M. Russell, 19th July 2018

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My response to Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Greatness (in honour of Nelson Mandela International Day 7/18/2018) and Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Red Letter Day: July 18

Susan’s midweek motif is greatness. She says that synonyms for greatness fall into two categories, which she has set out for us; Susan thinks Mandela had greatness in both senses. 

Our challenge is to use greatness as theme in one new poem. Susan says we could reflect on the elimination of poverty, on Nelson Mandela, or on some other revelation of greatness.

Meanwhile, over in the Imaginary Garden, July 18 is a most special day for Toads as the blog site marks its anniversary; it officially welcomed poets on this day in 2011.

However, Kerry reminds us that it is even more auspicious on a global scale, as it commemorates the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.


14 thoughts on “Freed

  1. Freed. Yes. Our long walks to freedom are best when accompanied by a person who has leaned and shared so many lessons. I like the image of the Sade concert. In small ways like this we came to know him everywhere in the world. One small man. Greatness.

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