I wear a silver totem on a chain,
another on an heirloom brooch;
when I’m low and see a dragonfly
hovering on the water’s edge
among water lilies, reeds and sedge,
I think of grandmother’s spirit
and, shimmering with joy and light,
my transformed soul takes flight
and I become myself again.

Kim M. Russell, 19th August 2018

Image found on Pinterest

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Weekend Challenge: Totems, also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

Brendan asks: does your poetic other root in forest, sky or booming wave? Do your verses run with the wolves, ride a dolphin’s back, birth with the sun, batten on winds, limn dark cracks, take wing in moonlight? If so, who are these beasties which make your poems dance?

He would like to know what tops our totem poles and has given us some detailed and interesting explanations of totems.


33 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

    1. Thank you, Brendan. When my nan died, she left me a dragonfly brooch, which I received after the funeral, during which her life was compared to a dragonfly’s. It made me cry twice.


    1. Thank you, Sherry. I don’t wear the brooch so often now as it is quite delicate. But the silver dragonfly is on a chain around my neck. Sadly, there were no dragonflies about today – the weather is changing.


  1. To become one’s self is a pursuit that many fail at. The speaker in this poem, however, succeeds—because of a dragonfly. Oh, how we need the wee creatures in this world!

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  2. This was a fun read, very laden with thinking items. I liked the start with the silver totem and that your writer’s grandmother was spiritually cognizant and that his/her own soul flew away. All stacked on the totem. The Silver Totem is also a West Coast U.S.A. blend of wine similar to Cabernet and Sauvignon. I’ve not tried it and don’t even know if it available in stores here, I haven’t seen it on shelves but I wasn’t looking either.

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    1. Thank you, Jim. I actually wear a silver dragonfly around my neck and own a dragonfly brooch which I inherited from my grandmother. 🙂 I haven’t heard of that brand of wine and I’m not sure if they sell it here. I wonder what the label looks like.


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