Poets Curve

We are curving,
avoiding life’s black holes,
skipping star-encrusted puddles,
bending light through space and time,
taming swirls of cosmic inky rhyme,
producing poetry of gravity,
predicting relativity.

Kim M. Russell, 30th September 2018

Image result for paintings and artwork William Blake curvature of space and time
William Blake, Ancient of Days

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Physics with Björn: Gravity and space-time curvature

Björn is back to inspire us – or scare us – with physics. He reminds us that we covered the theory of special relativity a while ago, which resulted in some cool poems. This time he has focused on the general theory of relativity and Einstein’s prediction of gravity as curvature of space-time.

He explains that, since light has no mass, we would expect it to be unaffected by gravity. But if gravity affects space and time, light is also affected, since the straight path that light would normally take would bend. This can be been seen when light from far away passes close to a massive object such as black hole.

Björn would like us to think of things like black holes, space-time curvature and gravity, and come up with a new poem that has at least some connection to the theme. I like the way the continuous form curves in a poem.

16 thoughts on “Poets Curve

  1. skipping star-encrusted puddles

    I like what you did in this line – such a huge leap from the cosmos to the smallest puddle and all connected together in space and time. Lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

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