Beautiful Waves

the coast
a jumble of cliffs and waves
constantly crashing

Kim M. Russell, 20th October 2018

Related image
Kawase Hasui: Waves pounding against the rocks, Kurobai Boshu, 1931, from the Japanese Art Open Database

My response to Carpe Diem Leafless Tree #1 introduction beautiful waves’

Chèvrefeuille has created a new feature, ‘Carpe Diem Leafless Tree’, which he hopes to publish every Sunday. In this new feature, he will introduce unknown haiku poets and challenge us to create haiku inspired by their ‘unknown’ haiku. For this first episode, he has chosen a contemporary, a disciple, of Shiki, Heiro Yaezakura (1879-1945). The title of this episode is taken from one of his haiku:

The boats
Escaping the heat at night
Move the beautiful waves

© Yaezakura

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