Losing Your Head

You lost your tiny mind
and the hot blood of night
was a painful cure.
The dark satellite
of a world that’s dead
to you offers only
a corpse and the cold ashes
of a burnt out heart.
Salome’s breakfast platter
offers a selection of fresh fruit,
eggs over easy
and a prophet’s severed head.

Kim M. Russell, 4th November 2018

Bizarre pictures show 19th century photoshopping

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Camera FLASH 55!  also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

Kerry says it’s time to strike a pose with our photographic challenge for November; this challenge comes with a wide angle and any filter of our choosing.

As an added extra to this challenge, we may write a Flash 55 inspired by the photograph, or on a subject of our choice. I’ve taken a poem I wrote back in 2016 and rewritten it as a Flash 55.

47 thoughts on “Losing Your Head

  1. Woe to the prophets, their visions are maddening and dooms roundly ignored. No wonder the “ho blood of night” is a solace and Salome’s breakfast tray a delight. Curious to compare with the original, could you reply with a link to the original?

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  2. We will.have to smile at Salome’s unhealthy appetite for head decorations instead of flowers. So you’ve counted four so far. Really she is the only one we know though the ISIS follow suit without royal fan fare. I loved your take, lots of insight in thesession twelve lines.

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  3. Delicious. And word perfect. This is brilliant!

    (and how it does my heart a light song, for I adore the nuances, the complexity, the layers) …. this is truly a well fashioned and very clever poem Kim – and I just adore it. So well …. executed for the tightness of a 55! Brava!

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