And not forgetting the mist

If I should forget you
in the mist of growing old
I’ll remember to grasp that mist
and not let go.

I’ll weave the threads
between my fingers,
tie knots to help them linger
just a little longer

to remind me
of the autumn mist
along the coast
and the first time we kissed.

Kim M. Russell, 15th November 2018

Start of Day.jpg
Photo by David Russell

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: All in November’s soaking mist, also linking to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night

This Thursday, Sanaa is out host. She tells us that she recently came across a poem by Pablo Neruda that completely blew her away. It’s called ‘If You Forget Me’, which is the frame of reference for our own poems, for which we can choose our own form or we can write in free verse.

76 thoughts on “And not forgetting the mist

  1. This is absolutely mesmerizing, Kim 😍 I love the idea of weaving threads/tying knots to help memories linger a little longer.. sigh ❤️❤️ Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 😊

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  2. Distilling the complexity of a first kiss, memory and loss into 12 lines. Such difficult subjects represented in this way is really representative of how, when we remember, we tend to do it: no complexity, just how it was. Clever.

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  3. I actually sighed when I finished reading this one… There is a beauty to the imagery that sticks to the heart, the same is true about the the haunting tone of the truth dancing from stanza to stanza–the love is strong in the speaker’s mind, so it the fear… of forgetting what it’s loved.

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    1. Thank you, dear Magaly. We think our love will never change but I saw what dementia did to my mum. I’m going to hold on as tightly as I can, even if it’s mist I’m clinging onto.

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  4. I have nothing as piercing or cloudy as what has been already written now,
    to have walked with you both there on that far away coast is a dream,
    The sunlight dims the threads as they tighten in our grasp
    And all I can add to these readings is what I whispered when I finished,
    Wow, just simply,

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  5. kaykuala

    I’ll weave the threads
    between my fingers,
    tie knots to help them linger
    just a little longer

    One would do everything possible in the hope of preserving a memory for someone dear to one’s heart.


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