Morning Inspiration

I get up early while you’re still asleep;
avoid the cats while creeping down the stairs,
try not to wake you with my leaden feet,
and stumble over work boots into chairs.

The floor is cold, and so’s the toilet seat,
the sink is laced with toothpaste and stray hairs.
The cat tray smells and they both want to eat;
I need some tea before I sort out theirs.

I grab a rug as I search for a pen –
a chill hangs in the early morning air.
I raise the blind and look out at the garden
where the half-light and shade conceal a deer.

From dawn’s faint light a sonnet’s words appear,
reminding me why I love living here.

Kim M. Russell, 3rd January 2019

Sunday Morning Inspiration

Another sonnet for dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: the Sonnet

This is a rewrite of a sonnet I wrote during NaPoWriMo 2017, which some of you might remember was originally called ‘Sunday Morning Inspiration’.

47 thoughts on “Morning Inspiration

  1. Nicely done, Kim. I’ve had mornings like that (substitute coffee for tea)–and even once when I saw a baby deer when I went out to pick up the newspaper. Both the mundane and the magical inspire us. The final couplet is perfect.

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  2. the day-to-day – the minutia of lives, they really make it or break it, and set a tone and pace, for the mornings, the promise of the unknown — I love the feeling like I’ve just tumbled out of bed with you (wow, that sounds weird – LOL) … and am walking with you, listening to the day begin, feeling it – the cold, the chill, and then the freshness of the almost (I presume the cats have their say) stillness, – and the joy of the discovery …
    this is fresh and lovely and most excellently lyrical 🙂

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  3. I get inspiration from reading selected posts, hopefully short and to the point. Take my morning walk and by the time I’m done I have the outlines for two are three posts!

    I’m retired and 77 but pass for 60 or less. My doctor’s would agree. My family doctor recently looked at my bloodwork and asked, ‘How did you do this?’

    Everything was normal!

    Well it’s lifestyle!

    What you eat, drink, think and do!

    Plain and simple like me!

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