On the back of the bathroom door…

hangs the cosiest cardigan,
the one I hug to me in the early morning;

that embraces me
while brewing the first cup of tea;

that warms me
as I write a chilly January poem;

the one that shields me
from the sneaky draught

that evades the excluder
and, unwarmed by the log burner,

wraps itself around my legs.
It’s a soft and woolly present to myself.

Kim M. Russell, 8th January 2019

on the back of the bathroom door

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Come hang with me! also linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform

Lillian is our host today and she has shared with us some of the things that happened in the past on 8th January.

She has also asked us to walk around our homes and look at all the things hanging in them: on walls, in closets, on refrigerator doors. She wants us to pick something that ‘speaks to us’ and use it as the basis for today’s poem. We should take photos of those objects, if we can, to illustrate the poem. We can describe the objects or share memories about them, or explain why they are important to us or why they’re hanging there.

48 thoughts on “On the back of the bathroom door…

  1. Ah…..I’ve knit what’s called a “duster” sweater of heavy thick wool….it has long sleeves and goes almost to my knees. I cozy in it every winter morn so I can relate to this so well! 🙂 We turn out to be kindred spirits in so many ways, Kim 🙂
    PS: thanks for opening the pub for me! It’s sunny and in the mid-60s in San Diego….Boston, I hear, has a bit of snow today. 🙂

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    1. I’m happy that you’ve escaped the Boston snow, Lill, and get to enjoy some sunshine, although that does mean you can’t cuddle up in a cardigan or sweater. 🙂


      1. oh my gosh, I can’t imagine having a window blow up when it’s this cold. It started snowing last night and the snow continues today. Not much accumulation at this point…

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  2. My Beloved Sandra bought me this massively oversized bathrobe to fit over the sling and the armblock while I did the initial (ie home) stages of recuperation and in-home PT following shoulder replacement. That’s all behind me now (has been for a while), but the robe’s still my fave. Comfy, comfy, comfy!

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  3. Oh, I have one too that I bought for myself. I prefer it to my bathrobe – it’s soft and wooly and big and wraps around me perfectly. I need to write a poem about it 🙂

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  4. Oh Lord this Reminds me i have A Superman
    Robe in my Closet Hanging Up with Symbol
    S of Hope before they Changed Superman
    into a Man on a Cross
    Ha! i never
    Never wear anything
    But Short Pants even
    in Snow hehe What
    Good is a Robe to Superman.. hAha..;)

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  5. That cozy “cosiest cardigan” sounds like a friend indeed. A present to yourself sounds good also, my present to myself was a two-year-old Mustang GT Convertible when I retired in 2001.

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