(Spring) Fun

finding shy snowdrops
that arrive like little candles
to light up the garden

followed by skipping cats
that brush my legs
in a game of tag

watching catkins
wriggle their tails
and cats in trees

hearing the first
cries of newborn lambs
on the breeze

picking out the songs
of different birds
outside the window

skipping waves
stamping in puddles
singing my favourite songs out loud
finding stories in clouds
and writing poems whenever I want

Kim M. Russell, 21st February 2019

Spring Fun.JPG

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Fun

This week, Susan is having fun hosting! She inspires us with quotations from Hafiz, Jane Goodall and C.S. Lewis, and poems by William Carlos Williams, Sarah Orne Jewett and Gwendolyn Brooks.

She tells us about ten ways she has fun – I love the one about stroking cats until they purr – and asks us to think about ten things we do for fun. The challenge is to write a new poem that foregrounds fun.

Mine is a list poem that kind of wrote itself.

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