On the Edge

There’s a surge of crowd
on the platform;
the track looms
too close for comfort
and the train is imminent,
according to the announcement,
so I hug the wall,
conscious of an icy spike of wind
tugging me
a little closer
to the edge.

Kim M. Russell, 11th March 2019

Image result for train platform uk
Image found on telegraph.co.uk

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Spike up a Poem, also linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform

De has given us a tricky word this week, which inspired a poem about my experience on a railway platform. I found the image afterwards. 

60 thoughts on “On the Edge

  1. I used to teach the blind to travel with a white cane. One of the lessons was a railroad crossing; standing close to the tracks as a train passes by; quite frightening without sight.

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    1. Thank you, Laura. I was tempted to write about waiting for the tube – I did quite a bit of that last weekend and the edge of the platform really does scare me down there – but I had trouble including the word ‘spike’, which didn’t quite fit.


  2. I’ve felt that way during one of my first trips to NYC by myself. At least when it is really packed, like in the picture, it cuts down on the wind’s ability to chill as thoroughly.

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