My mind and the universe expand:
looking back down the telescope of life, I see
my younger self,
­                                                         a tiny planet,
­                                                         lost in the cosmos,
to what the future holds for me.

I see myself waving,
afraid of drowning
­                                                         in a sea of stars,
­                                                         trapped in a moment
of inexperience
and transience,
long before I grasped                  what infinity meant.

Kim M. Russell, 30th March 2019

Related image
Space art found on spacetelescope.org

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Physics with Björn: Cosmology and Expanding Horizons, also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

This weekend Björn tells us about Hubble, cosmology and the Big Bang Theory, and asks us to ponder the cosmos, the theories of origin and horizon. He says that the prompt is wide open when it comes to form and length.

42 thoughts on “Expanding

  1. Perhaps it was for the best that our younger selves didn’t have a full view, because we may have well drowned under the enormity of it all before we had the wisdom to deal with it.

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  2. Love how you explored the expansion of yourself with the universe — we are products and practitioners of our own individual spheres and this journey is made all the more special with such experiences. I absolutely loved the ending!

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  3. I really like the construction of this piece … the disjointed lines, I thought, coming to the reader – much in the way that insight comes. Wonderful writing!

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  4. As we look at our youth and the our relationship to the cosmos, we can see we’ve (hopefully) grown to understand more about our expansion, our growth. But oh, our knowledge is tiny compared to what infinity must hold, and our wisdom is still expanding.


  5. The structure works so well… I love that how allows me to see different parts of the speaker in separate ways while the whole remains and grows. And the rush of imagery contained in that “in a sea of stars / trapped in a moment” is… brilliant.

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