Blossom Haze

obscured by pink haze
the bridge echoes with footsteps
lovers’ rendezvous

Kim M. Russell, 2nd April 2019

Image result for Japanese paintings and artwork bridge through blossom haze Pinterest
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My response to Carpe Diem #1639 blossom haze (hanagumori)

 Today we have another classical kigo to work with, which is ‘blossom haze’ (hanagumori); it is used as a kigo for late spring and never used for other flowers in haze or clouds. We have two examples:

hanagumori miyako so sumi no Asukayama

blossom haze –
in a corner of the capital
is Asukayama

Masaoka Shiki

tenpura ni kagiru sakana ya hanagumori

this fish is best
as Tempura . . .
cherry blossom haze

Ayabe Jinki

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