Beautiful Prisoners

giant crack willows
burst open with verdant joy
slender prisoners
on early release, riding
the breath of an April breeze

Kim M. Russell, 17th April 2019

Image result for crack willow catkins
Image found on Flickr

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Poems in April Day 17: Somewhere in the midst of stirring April

Sanaa is our host today and she brings us the words of e.e. cummings, which she says were originally meant to astound the Puritanical sensibilities of the 1920s. She has chosen ‘The Mind Is Its Own Beautiful Prisoner’ to demonstrate cummings’ interest in love and the erotic.

Sanaa gives us as a frame of interest the title of the poem from which to write a new poem in our choice of form or in free verse. I chose to write a tanka.

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Prisoners

  1. My goodness that is an incredibly wide spreading tree 🌳I read it produces catkins in spring and that its trunk has the ability to split as it grows! Love the idea of “riding the breath of an April breeze,” thank you so much for writing to the prompt, Kim ❤

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