Talking to Myself (Again)

watery words weep
steeped in hours of lonely thoughts
talking to myself

Kim M. Russell, 21st December 2015

words no longer weep
solitude bears poetry
seeds blown on the wind

Kim M. Russell, 21st April 2019

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My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #81 Poetry Archive (5) … loneliness or emptiness

The weekend has come around again and it’s time for a new weekend meditation, with a new episode of the Poetry Archive feature. All we have to do is choose haiku, tanka or another form of Japanese poetry from our archives and share them, explaining why our choices, and create new poems inspired by our choices – on the theme of loneliness or emptiness.

I wrote and posted the first haiku when my blog was just six months old. I think I must have been feeling a bit sorry for myself as not many people were reading or commenting on my writing at that time, which is why I thought it would be an idea to update it now.

6 thoughts on “Talking to Myself (Again)

  1. What a wonderful haiku you have shared here with us Kim. I love the idea from which it came. And I know how it feels that there are not a lot of comments given. I myself aren’t that great in commenting, because of lack of time. But I will try to be better the upcoming month. Thank you for participating in CDHK.

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