Fearless Pheasant

handsome cock pheasant
strutting closer to the cat
burnished head erect

Kim M. Russell, 12th May 2019

Fearless Pheasant.JPG

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #84 Quest for a new masterpiece: Movement (Undou)

This weekend the challenge is to create a new masterpiece, a haiku that will last forever and will be known by a lot of people. Basho’s ‘frog pond’ haiku is such a masterpiece, which is even known by many non-haiku poets. One of the reasons it is so well-known is the ‘movement’ that Basho wrote into it, something new in haiku about frogs as previously they were all about their croaking.

Our task for this weekend is to create haiku, new masterpieces, in which we use movement (undou).

13 thoughts on “Fearless Pheasant

  1. Such a beautiful Haiku and an image full of possibilities. I don’t think the cat would like the outcome very much if s/he decided to try and attack the pheasant. I’m pretty sure the pheasant would come out the winner.

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  2. It’s interesting, how there will be more movement when the cat decides to act.

    And Kim… You dropped this into the “inlinkz” for “Watching a Snail,” so you’ll want to go back to the Weekend Meditation and drop it there.

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    1. Thank you, Xenia. I think both cats are quite afraid of pheasants. They go up to the deer and touch noses with them, but there is something quite intimidating about a cock pheasant. 🙂 xxx

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