Rich Tapestry

Vast fields billow like an awning
with stripes of green and brown,
a landscape spring ploughed,
rudely rich and ready for sowing:
an elaborate rural tapestry
to make a weaver proud.
A few small stitches in the sky
mark a lark that’s passing by.

Kim M. Russell,  20th May 2019

Image result for ploughed fields in Norfolk Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

This Monday I’m hosting the Quadrille at the dVerse Poets Pub and the word is ‘rich’.

60 thoughts on “Rich Tapestry

    1. I’ve been taking a good hard look at the landscape around here. I love the dark brown of ploughed soil, and the yellows and lime greens of spring leaves and flowers, Our magpie is back, too, so I will probably be writing about him again soon.


    1. Thank you, Grace. Our village is just a couple of miles from Worsted, the famous Norfolk village where weavers wove Worsted cloth. Now they weave next door to our village hall.


  1. Ooh gosh this is exquisitely drawn, Kim!! ❤️ I especially love; “a landscape spring ploughed/rudely rich and ready for sowing.” 😀

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    1. Thank you so much, Jim.
      Btw, I’m having trouble with the link to your quadrille. I got to it in a roundabout way but couldn’t leave a comment.


      1. Hi Kim…. thanks for taking a look, I checked the link and it appears to be working, as far as I can tell but I am experiencing some glitchiness with WordPress lately 🙂

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  2. Oh KIM! I wish you were sitting beside me now…you would have heard a very loud “oh wow!” when I was done reading your quadrille! An awning….this is absolutely perfect for the resultant scene of spring plowing. I remember so well from our years in rural Iowa many many years ago! And the added lark at the end…just perfect! 🙂

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