Dragon Quadrille

What has become of dragons?

Do they leave trails of scales
and seaweed on every rock and shore?

Do dragons roar
in echoes of thunderstorms,

scorch burling clouds
with lightning from their tails?

Do dragons lurk in lava and ore
deep within the earth’s core?

What are they forging?

Kim M. Russell, 3rd June 2019

File:Ukiyo-e dragon 2.jpg
Japanese dragon, Ukiyo-e print, 1

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Here there be {poem} dragons 

This Monday, De has given us the word – it’s dragon! I’ve revived a poem I originally posted on 18th April 2018 and rewritten it as a quadrille.

43 thoughts on “Dragon Quadrille

  1. fairies, dragons… One of my daughters loves dragons and my son (11 years old) still loves dragons – books, draws them, etc. The “popular” girls in 5th grade make fun of him because he likes dragons (you can only imagine how I want to breathe fire upon them!) I like the questions in this poem… in search of dragons…

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