Birds, Wind and White Horses

dancing on the beach
I jab a stick into the sky
to break up the blue
­                                                           stirring up a small zephyr
­                                                           and a sea of white horses
days so complete
words become the calls of birds
the high tide wind
­                                                           a promise trapped in a shell
­                                                           until someone picks it up
moon white water
lovers in the secret cove
Saturday night
­                                                           intoxicating kisses
­                                                           ignited with the sand’s heat
wind perfumed
from a woman’s shoulder
desert night
­­                                                           colour sipped from the landscape
­                                                           animates her mouth and eyes
placing the flute
against her lips something
slips into place
­                                                           breath becomes a melody
­­                                                           drifting to the horizon
I’m not old
all night my eyes have held
the ancient stars
­                                                           I jab a stick at the sky
­                                                           to release the silver moon

Jane Reichhold                                Kim M. Russell, 7th July 2019

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Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem #1697 Renga With Jane Reichhold: placing the flute

In this new episode of ‘Summer Love’, our challenge is to create a ‘Renga with Jane Reichhold’, using six haiku from her Dictionary of Haiku, Summer section.

19 thoughts on “Birds, Wind and White Horses

  1. lovely – flowing, ebbing, washing, rolling …. I just slipped into this and let myself be swept by the words Kim 🙂

    I especially loved these pairings:

    ” … a promise trapped in a shell
    until someone picks it up”


    ” … colour sipped from the landscape
    animates her mouth and eyes” …

    — very evocative … had me dreaming away …

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    1. Thank you, Pat. They weren’t easy haiku to work with, especially ‘wind perfumed from a woman’s shoulder’ as the others seemed to be related to the sea and that one ended with ‘desert night’. I’m always intrigued to see what sequences other poets choose.

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      1. I totally agree – that one particular haiku was like the wrench in the works, in the whole set – but I suppose, in its own way, it becomes the “conflict” within the story that needs some form of resolution …. but yes, it *is* fascinating to see how everyone interprets the sequence 🙂

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  2. These were all good…but especially love the white horses…very moving for me as waves were always referred to as white horses when I was young. I had forgotten. Enjoyed this.

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    1. Thank you. I have a lovely children’s book by Ann Turnbull, illustrated by Michael Foreman, called The Sand Horse. It’s set in St. Ives in Cornwall, and features white horses.


  3. this was a lovely ‘call and response’ Renga across the ages – some delicious stand alone lines too Kim not least:
    ‘ stirring up a small zephyr’
    ‘colour sipped from the landscape’
    come to think of it these two go so well together too – if maybe sipped became slipped

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