Televised Childhood

My TV memories are mostly
in black and white,
that’s how we saw the world
when I was a child,
how newscasters would present
each triumph, each disaster.
I couldn’t see the difference
on the wobbly monochrome screen
between grief and joy, now and then;
but we were taught that a cowboy
in a white stetson was good,
and the black-hatted one was bad.
So many grey areas to misunderstand.

Kim M. Russell, 14th August 2019

Image result for gunfight on a black and white TV show
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Televised

Sumana has shared a little poem by Maya Angelou about televised news, which left her pondering. 

Sumana would like us to write new poems on current topics brought home to us by television and the impact on us, letting patterns of life surface from the positive and/or negative sides of televised news, as well as its purposeful silence on certain current affairs.

25 thoughts on “Televised Childhood

  1. The black and the white. If only it were so easy. I like how the “black-hatted one” seems to bridge the gap between the early days of television with the old cowboy westerns, to the “black hats,” the malicious computer hackers of the present day.

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  2. I once watched a western in a small theatre full of First Nations people. How they roared with laughter at the white hero. How they mocked how their people were portrayed on screen. I was older before I understood their scorn. I suspect they feel it still, as Canada still oppresses them.

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  3. I saw a western recently where the cowboys all wore black or grey hats. Turns out they were more practical in the old days. So many splits nowadays between right and wrong. It seems most of us wear grey hats nowadays.


  4. Flicks were so good in those days…especially the cowboy movies. As a family we all used to go on Friday nights as soon as dad had got home from work. If there was sloppy kissing in films that mum liked we would slip out the toilets then as theybored us boys silly!

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    1. I don’t remember Saturday morning, picture, although I’m sure we went. But I do remember my dad taking me to see James Bond films – which is probably why I can;’t watch them now.


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