Apples for Lunch

straight falling rain
tiny lakes upon the tree
stem hollows of apples
­                                                    nature immerses her fruit
­                                                    a yield of sparkling baubles
dad on high
dropping from his trees
apples for lunch
­­                                                    their acidic sweetness cuts
­­                                                    through fermented bread and cheese
windfall apples
palaces for worms
American pie
­                                                    a fine feast for feathered friends
­                                                    visiting the bird café
baskets in a row
overflowing with apples
on one a sweater
­                                                    pervaded with fruity scent
­                                                    laden with sweet memories
southern sunset
filling the apple bin
a deeper red
­                                                    a harvest of ripe blushes
­                                                    under cover of the night
the cinnamon glow
of a kerosene lamp
­                                                    comfort of grandmother’s house
­                                                    listening to autumn rain

Jane Reichhold                           Kim M. Russell, 4th November 2019

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My response to Carpe Diem #1774 Renga With Jane Reichhold: apples for lunch

Today our challenge is to create a Renga With Jane from six haiku created by her, all on the theme of apples, which have been taken from her online saijiki A Dictionary of Haiku. The goal is to add our own two-lined stanzas.We may can choose your own line-up, and our ageku (closing verse) must be linked to the hokku (opening verse).

14 thoughts on “Apples for Lunch

  1. The verse about the bread and cheese made me think: apple pie and cheddar cheese is something I haven’t had in a while. I should consider remedying that situation! 😉

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