on this wide-skied coastline

jumbles of fens fields and dunes
keep the sea at bay

twisted trees bound with thirsty roots
keep floods away

in fading autumn light hedgerows exhale
mist to cool the day

and in the morning clouds scud and burst
with windy swirls of rain

Kim M. Russell, 4th November 2019

Image result for paintings and artwork Norfolk coastline by Edward Seago
Gathering Storm by Norfolk artist Edward Seago (1910-1974) – image found on Pinterest

My poem for dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Keep

I’m hosting over at the dVerse bar today and the word is ‘keep’.

61 thoughts on “on this wide-skied coastline

  1. Excellent. Pointing. Truedessa and RedCat, of course, both make aware of the opposite view, and when finding symbols, there always is a question of seeing it from an angle. Your metaphors are lovely, though. And we all know; anxiety is it. And, Jesus knows. When being alarmed and feeling for protection turns to badness, though, one is in control.

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  2. Lovely, Kim. I like the way you describe this place–a coastline, a space between land and water, and then the season–autumn leading to winter–the place between sea and sky–all these in-between places yet whole within themselves, too.

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    1. Thank you, Merril. I’ve learnt a lot about sea and sky, and the place in between, since I’ve lived here. We seem to experience the seasons more intensely, especially after moving here from the city.

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